Thursday, January 5, 2012

Surf Trip

So myself and two buddies went on a surf trip a few months ago to my house on the Central Coast. A few other friends expressed interest, but flaked for various reasons. While on the trip, I sent the following email in order to make them jealous.

After a 6 hour drive broken only by In n Out, Nick, Jeff, and I arrived at Casa de Wilson. Friday morning saw huge close outs at my house, so we investigated Morro Rock. It was silly huge. Minimal waves and maximal paddling saw the arrival of the storm. 
We took refuge in an ocean front bar with spiked cocoa and bread bowls of clam chowder. We made it home for more cocoa and a collection of Disney movies. 
This morning, we awoke to head high A-frames dusted by light offshores. Super fun, super open, super waves tired us out before a nap and more Disney. An evening session saw smaller waves, but still consistent, peeling, and faster on the low tide.  
We sit now, exhausted and buzzing of more boozey hot cocoa, watching Fern Gully; we've decided Jeff is the dude character. 
P.S. All of this has been punctuated by meals raided from my dad's kitchen. Last night was BBQ chicken sandwiches and scalloped potatoes, tonight was fish and fresh bread.
We surfed again the following day before driving home.