Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bruin Football

This year, I was fortunate enough to witness UCLA at both its worst loss and greatest victory.

The worst loss was of course versus the Berkeley back in early October. I used the opportunity to visit my sisters, both San Francisco locals who attended Berkeley. My older sister picked me up to the airport on Thursday, and I met her boyfriend at their apartment. Bed and breakfast ensued, and I took off by bus for the Berkeley Campus, where I met my little sister at her Co-operative.

Berkeley's Campanile

With three Cal Bears in the family, I've been to the Cal Campus a dozen or so times, but it was still neat to see “her” campus. We threw disc on the green in front of the Main Library, climbed to the top of the Campanile, and had lunch at Bancroft and Telegraph. The Blue Angels were scheduled to fly over SF Bay in the early afternoon, so we made it to the top of her Co-op to watch; the little acrobatic specks danced over the SF Skyline as UCLA's football team arrived to check out Memorial Stadium (about 5 doors from her Co-op). A mixture of happy hour, dinner with the family, and someone's birthday celebration brought the day to a close

Memorial Stadium

The next day was Game Day in Memorial Stadium. That is an intimidating stadium, especially for a night game. This helped Cal with one of only two Pac12 wins, against one of only two Pac12 losses for UCLA.

The greatest victory (v. Arizona) was my return to the Rose Bowl after three years, and my girlfriend's first live football game. After a plenary grocery run and car ride, we arrived with some friends to tailgate in Pasadena.

It was neat to be back with so many college memories, and then create some new ones. We were more organized now, with the BBQ smelling great as the sunset turned pink. A couple of 8-claps later and we walked to the stadium; it was the same grassy stumble it was throughout college.

Rose Bowl Tailgate

It was a night game, Franklin beat the UCLA rushing record on his first touchdown, and the True Blue was overwhelming; UCLA won the game in the first quarter. It was awesome, still, to watch the win continue and continue.

Last weekend, I watched on television as UCLA beat USC. It felt great to watch the Los Angeles football dynasty switch back to UCLA.

Anyways, we will face Stanford today. With a victory, we would (probably) face Oregon in the Pac12 Championship, a loss and we would (probably) face Stanford again.

Pauley Pavillion

Somethings Interesting:
--The rest of the Cal weekend was spent at my Girlfriend's in Marin County; she was similarly up for the weekend. A wonderful hike, a couple of family meals, and a commitment to a trip to Central America finished out an incredible (albeit slightly soured) weekend.

--The rest of the Arizona weekend was spent at a Rugby 7s tourney at UCLA. We also got to walk through the new Pauley Pavilion, and generally experience the iconic UCLA Campus on a gorgeous day.

--My roommate went to Notre Dame; his team became the best in the nation last weekend with Oregon's loss to Stanford.

Older Sister's Apartment

Younger Sister's Co-op

The Blue Angeles are there somewhere

On Campus
Campanile Musician

Another Co-op

Bruins in Memorial Stadium, Blue Angels over SF


Beat the Clock

SF Sunset on Game Day

Hike the next Day

Deer with Dinner

Crossing SF Bay

Rose Bowl Tailgate

Some BBQ

Rose Bowl!!

I think that's a Tank


Bruin Rugby

$300K seats

Go Bruins!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Loaded up for the trip home

Traffic in LA

Still made it for the sunset

Turkey Run

Whale carcass

Peaks down the beach

Cayucos Elementary


Mouse Rock is breaking

It's also called Rodent's Rock

Cayucos Pier

Free Engine

Little Sister

Super neat



Practice Family Pic

Figuring out lighting


More walking

Cute dog


Thanksgiving Sunset