Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Morning

Today is one of the top 5% days we have here in La Jolla. I was lucky enough to spend the morning on the pier, and take a break now only to post pictures from it. I'm hungry, and want to eat lunch down at cups, so there won't be much text.

On the walk down, I was worried that the fog would ruin the sun. Still though, it made for a pretty sight.

When I got to the end of the pier, I found some divers and a Birch Aquarist doing some research. The divers were cleaning and maintaining their instruments, while the female aquarist was looking for Jellies to add to her collection up at Birch.

The divers lowered the bridge, and took to the water.

Here is a local checking some of the instruments.

I was actually out there to help give a SCOPE tour, but ended up ditching them in favor of watching the divers work. Here they are walking back with Ben, their actual tour guide.

Diver Jeff is helping the aquarist by collecting the Jelly tangled in this clump of kelp and sea grass.

Success!! He brings it to Aquarist Julie.

Some swimmers are making the Cove to Pier swim (and back) for exercise. They seemed high school age. 

The jelly was too heavy to bring up the stairs, so they lowered a trashcan to help.

Aquarist Julie backs up the Birch Truck to get the animal.

Rich arrives with a boat that needs to be lifted up on the pier. 

He walks it up the ladder, as to make sure it doesn't bang the pier.

Finally, he lightly sets it down and wheels it into place.

Just for good measure, one of the divers needed to rappel off the end. Jeff spots a shark, or possibly just a piece of kelp; we were unsure.

He was down there to fix the bend in that pipe.

Nicolas is in town, and killing it on the knee-high waves rolling through.

His better half shows him how it's done.

How do they NOT get stung by stingrays? This is one of the questions I will never know the answer to.

That's a freakin' sweet osprey!!