Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wrangling Baja: A Chronology

Saturday, 16-June-2012

1012: Cross the San Ysidro Border into Baja, traveled south through Tijuana and Rosarito.

1204: Arrive K58, a surf community with camping and restaurants. Enjoyed lunch with a view.

1233: Paddle out into head-high, beach break tumblers. Very relaxed session, sun comes out halfway through. Smooth sets every 3-6 minutes, nobody to share them with but ourselves.

1437: Pack Wrangler back together, continue south along inland route through Ensenada. Naps were had.
Jeff without pants.

1812: Purchase beer, tequila, hot sauce, tacos.

1817: Turn off main road towards coast. First foray into offroading. Wrangler's new tires work great.

1840: Arrive at Cuatros Casas, surveyed campsite overlooking point break. Paddle into right-hand, machine-gun, waist to chest peelers.
Nick snags a peeler.

1958: Sunset ends session, starts campfire, and opens beers.

Sunday, 17-June-2012

0718: I wake up early.

0805: Jeff and Nick wake up. Discuss plans.

0856: Paddle into smaller peelers. Washes off smoke, grit, etc. from camping.

1002: Pack Wrangler back together, continue off road along bluff. No intention of returning.

1031: Come across giant shipwreck, road gets rougher.

Jeff surveys the wreckage.

1122: Meet back with main road. Tacos during Eurocup game, Spanish Announcer.

1148: Return North. The going was hot and clear.

1535: Make it through Ensenada, take coast road. 

1545: El Mirador provides gorgeous views of coastline, commercial fisheries, Isla Todos Santos. 

1618: Margaritas and burittos at K58. The surf is inconsistent and blown out. 

1720: El Compadre is purchased.

1824: Campsite is set, fire is made, Vlad is carved, El Compadre is opened.
The waves were small.

Monday 18-June-2012 

0810: I wake up, discover that someone took a dump in the middle of our campsite overnight.

0840: Nick and Jeff wake up. We are spoiled with waves here in La Jolla, and decide that the broken up mush we have before us isn't worth it; we pack up and leave.

0930: Arrive for breakfast in Rosarito, helps breakup El Compadre's headache.

1012: Nick snags shotgun for the trip to the border.
The road home.

1102: Decide to travel inland to Mesa del Otay border crossing. This will be our undoing.

1125: Begin waiting in line for border; USA lies about a quarter mile away from us. 

1538: Cross the border, 4+ hours later. Return home.

Jeffrey Campana

Transition to offroading.

Post-sesh euphoria.

Solving the world's problems.

Whale Skeleton 


I feel sorry for the dog who lives there.

Tacos y futbol

Coast road mirador.

Mid-morning stretch

Desayuno de los dios

I can think of nothing less appetizing or more dangerous than  border line clamatos.